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Fast Leader obtained the CE certification.
Through half-a-year effort, Fast Leader obtained the CE certification (TüV). Thank for the instruction from the TüV’s engineer Liu and the collaboration from the colleagues, especially from the responsible person Ajie. CE certification is a necessary pass for our products to enter EU market. To expand the EU market, Fast Leader chooses TüV to control our product quality. TüV is extremely strict with the quality and TüV certification. Fast Leader is very strict with the quality, so Fast Leader selects the parts and components from some internationally famous brands. Even so, some are in no accordance with TüV’s certification standard. To look for the parts and components in accordance with CE certification, Fast Leader failed to find out the qualified ones in the China Mainland. So we sent a complaint e-mail to TüV’s project manager Liu and business manager Yang. After obtaining the CE certification, we know the truth: the quality has a certain requirements. Even some famous brands, which have high market share possibly, fail to meet the standard. The unqualified manufacturing will result in the future danger, damage of machine or personal injury. In the course of the certification, we know the real reason that “Made-in-China” products are neglected and rejected in the international market. To choose a good product needs wisdom. The China Mainland market is filled with imitation, fraud and malignant price competition, so you are likely to pay the higher cost to deal with the unqualified products. We thank for TüV’s manager Liu for your strict requirements, and apologizes for our previous complaints. Through the rectification of CE certification, we have to admire for Germany’s strict requirements on quality and safety. Although the process of certification is long, it is worthwhile. Proudly, Fast Leader’s filtering equipment can meet the advanced level of European and American countries. Fast Leader never gives up the pursuit of quality: Hi-tech Enterprise, Hi-tech Product, 4 patents of invention, 23 patents of utility model, and CE certification. Fast Leader’s all the staff have been adhering to the belief for the quality. Fast Leader will promote the quality to meet the international standards, and will bring our customers higher and more guarantees. If you doubt about our quality, please pay close attention to Fast Leader, Fast Leader will bring you more surprises.
Patent for invention - fast-changing filter element which can be easily replaced by teenagers.
The only consumable of filtration equipment is filter element, the service life of which mainly depends on the viscosity of the applicable oil. However longer its service life, the filter element will always be replaced. The filter elements generally adopted by filtration equipment in the market are made of paper and the replacement process can be very difficult, as it will always put the lifting appliance into use and the assistance of several people who will climb to the case top. As a result, this will lead to great danger, damage of paper filter element, clogged pipeline, difficult cleaning process and gap-incurred inaccurate filtering. Through years of unremitting efforts, we have developed a fast-changing filter element which has won the certificate on national patent for invention. This patent adopts a new type of filter element that can ensure the easy replacement by non-professionals. Our filter element, with the fastest and most convenient mode of replacement, will definitely attract more users’ attention.
Impact of stable oil temperature on production of high-precision small cutting tools
The separating refrigerating machine realizes refrigeration through neutralization of hot and cold temperature. First, pump the hot oil onto the refrigerating machine for refrigeration and then send it to the oil tank for neutralization with hot oil, before being sent to the machine tool for use by the pump. But the filtering, refrigeration and the machine tool are operated continuously, so that the pump cannot judge the present pumped oil has been neutralized. The pumped oil which can be 50°C or 28°C, will have great temperature error. So given the changing oil temperatures, will you trust the stable oil temperature as promised by other suppliers any more? Obviously they cannot guarantee stable oil temperature, let alone turning out high-precision cutters. [Patent for invention] We apply the patented straight refrigeration system. Pump all the filtered hot oil into the cooling system for refrigeration. The cooled hot oil flows into the oil tank directly, so the entire oil tank has been cooled and is barely affected by external heat source. For this reason, the stability of oil temperature can be guaranteed, and the oil being pumped into the machine tool has stable temperature.