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Patent for invention - fast-changing filter element which can be easily replaced by teenagers.

2019/04/30 16:16
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The only consumable of filtration equipment is filter element, the service life of which mainly depends on the viscosity of the applicable oil. However longer its service life, the filter element will always be replaced. The filter elements generally adopted by  filtration equipment in the market are made of paper and the replacement process can be very difficult, as it will always put the lifting appliance into use and the assistance of several people who will climb to the case top. As a result, this will lead to great danger, damage of paper filter element, clogged pipeline, difficult cleaning process and gap-incurred inaccurate filtering.
Through years of unremitting efforts, we have developed a fast-changing filter element which has won the certificate on national patent for invention. This patent adopts a new type of filter element that can ensure the easy replacement by non-professionals. Our filter element, with the fastest and most convenient mode of replacement, will definitely attract more users’ attention.