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High precision machining center filtration equipment

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This product has 4 invention patent designs, which is the world's most cost-effective environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and fully functional high-precision oil-cooled oil mist purification filter equipment. A set of equipment addresses all filtration, refrigeration, oil mist purification and tungsten sludge recycling issues. Through the direct junction refrigerator, the oil temperature can be effectively controlled at +/-0.5 °C to avoid the machining quality of the tool due to thermal expansion and contraction. At the same time, the high-precision micro-filter filter element is adopted, and the filtration precision reaches the NAS6138 standard level 8, which is clean and free of impurities, and is convenient for quick and easy replacement.
The unique automatic recovery system of tungsten mud can effectively filter the dirty oil in the tungsten mud basket once again to avoid excessive oil overflow. The electrostatic oil mist purification system can effectively purify oil mist, ≤0.3μm particles. Purification capacity is as high as 95%, reducing air pollution.
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